Services for Non-Profits
AVA’s services for Non-Profits will help you to maximize your success through a combination of professional consultants, tools and methodologies


AVA consultants work from a holistic and phased implementation approach to ensure a successful implementation. This is done with our proven implementation methodology including change management. For every project to be successful change management is essential. We take that into account from the beginning and allow time and give ideas to manage the important change together with the client.

Workshop to go through detailed processes and needs in their organisation
Our philosophy is that in order to find the perfect solutions to our clients we first need to spend time with them. The initial workshop allows us to learn about what your business does and how your employees operate. We help you identify what processes can be improved and how to best tailor the industry solution to your organisation.

Gather requirements for customisations
We know that all clients are unique and require specific business rules based on their industry, mission and business strategy. EFFICIENCY allows clients to make changes that suit their specific business and user requirements. Such customisations include look and feel, security, reporting and more.

Project plan of phased implementation
Once we are ready to implement, we follow a consistent yet flexible project plan. This ensures that your expectations are met and that project time and cost remain within budget. We ask you to designate a project champion to be involved in the entire project to ensure transparency and that you build up knowledge in-house.

Installation of the EFFICIENCY industry solution
Installation of EFFICIENCY is a straight forward phase with template setups tailored to specific industries and users.

Customisations of the first chosen modules (typically for one department or a group of users).
Once the installation is done, the customisations are rolled out in line with client expectations and requirements. As this is a phased approach some minor modifications and ad hoc change requests are added if needed to the project plan.

Training of super users and end users.
We facilitate the system and process training of super users and end users in your organisation. Some clients choose to get a train-the-trainer program, so the super users become responsible for the end user training in the organisation. We recognise that EFFICIENCY is a comprehensive solution for your Client Relationship Management. Therefore we have broadened our training to include education about the CRM concepts and business processes that EFFICIENCY is built on. We also ensure that management is empowered with the right information and reports to make strategic decisions.

Implement next phases with customisation and training
Depending on the project the next phases will be implemented with additional users or modules added according to the plan.

Common elements of all EFFICIENCY Training Courses include introduction of principles and structure as well as the central elements and terminology of EFFICIENCY. The courses will train the user on how to make use of EFFICIENCY‘s many functionalities within the products you have purchased.

The courses delivered by the experienced EFFICIENCY trainers are designed for pre- and post-implementation customers and cover all aspects of our product modules, from straightforward introductory courses to more advanced database, support and reporting sessions.

The standard EFFICIENCY course is typically tailored to trainers, super-users and administrators of the organisation. Specially designed and tailored end user courses are also available.

The courses are usually conducted on the customer’s premises using the real data in training mode.

Support and upgrades: During the implementation project the client will have 1 or 2 fully trained people who can request support from AVA. After the implementation is done the Support Agreement commences.

The Annual Maintenance Agreement gives the client benefit of software maintenance and access to future upgrades

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